In recent months, ZEEUW has carried out several civil dive inspections.
In Breskens, for example, we performed penetration and resistance measurements on a wooden jetty, so the client was able to determine the remaining life span. In addition, pitting and ultrasonic wall thickness measurements have been carried out on the quay walls in several Zeeland ports.

About ZEEUW:

Zeeland Underwater Work B.V. (ZEEUW) is an underwater service provider in Zeeland in the Netherlands. Our clients are dive and ROV companies, hull cleaning operators, port companies, shipping companies, offshore service providers, engineering firms etc. Do you require assistance for an underwater project with divers or ROV? ZEEUW assists in its preparation, implementation and reporting.

Our services:

  1. Underwater inspections of ships, quay walls and other structures.
  2. Ultrasonic wall thickness measurements.
  3. Biofouling, coating and corrosion inspections.
  4. Underwater welding and burning.
  5. Sealing of sea chests and overboards
  6. Delivering Cswip 3.4u underwater inspection engineers.

General number: 0113-402020
Mobile: +31 653869870