Lost objects, waste dumps and wrecks can be a problem for the environment, water transit, shipping etc. Sometimes it is known where these are located or this has yet to be determined. Depending on the size of object(s) and the search area, it is possible to do this with divers, but for larger surfaces sonar technology can also be used, the latter is often done for waterways, for example.

With divers or an ROV, it may then be possible to dive at those locations to determine exactly what kind of objects are involved, the possibilities for ‘salvage’ can be viewed and depending on the assignment, the salvage may also take place immediately. With this direct approach to identification and equal storage, costs can be saved and people and resources are used efficiently.

For both support with detection and salvage work as well as the complete care of these projects, we are happy to be of service to you. See our contact details or fill in the form to discuss the possibilities.