ZEEUW uses the next equipment:

Dive vans
We have fully equipped vans with diving helmets, umbilicals and other equipment to complete subsea tasks. Everything approved comform Dutch legislation!

Power supply
Several diesel or gasoline powered generators.

Video systems
Zeeuw diving helmets are supplied with a subsea camera. The underwater images are monitored and assessed by the dive supervisor and/or customer representative above water. We use different video systems with recording capabilities. Video recordings are forwarded digitally to our customers.

Computers with 4G internet connection
Our dive vans are equiped with internet-connected computers. This mobile office is ideal for creating reports. Client view can be provided on request, so that clients can watch remotely with the diver.

Photo equipment
Photos are taken when sharp images are required. ZEEUW has proper equipment for close-up recordings.

High pressure cleaners
These are used prior underwater inspections. Cleaning of seachests, sheetpiles, or other structures that contain growth such as oysters, mussels or lime scale. An effective tool we often use.

Welding equipment
Underwater welding requires proper equipment. Our welding material is suitable for high-quality underwater welding. Preparation is important, for this we use hydraulic or air tools.

Broco cutting equipment
Ideal for thermal cutting underwater in thin or thick-walled steel. We supply a package consisting of oxygen, power supply, hoses, reducers and electrodes.

Ultrasonic wall thickness measurements
Zeeland Underwater Work uses Tritex wall thickness equipment. Underwater steel thickness measurements of e.g. dam planks are regularly carried out by our divers.


General number: +31 113-402020
Mobile: +31 653869870