PRO-SEA B.V, led by Chris van Hoorn, is a company that specializes in underwater inspections. On a project basis, CSWIP 3.4U inspection services are provided for the offshore wind, oil and gas, shipping and civil engineering industries.

Clients include asset managers as well as diving, ROV and survey companies. Assignments are carried out both at the project site and remotely.

In addition, PRO-SEA B.V. carries out diving inspections and activities in the Zeeland region in the Netherlands.

Services to Asset Managers, Dive, ROV-and Survey Companies:

We assist in organising, carrying out and controlling underwater inspections of assets such as offshore jackets, monopiles, cable crossings, as well as ships, FPSO, or civil structures such as quay walls, foundations and so on.

The starting point here is that the inspections are carried out in a consistent manner so that the customer obtains valuable information.

Drawing up and/or assessing inspection plans, methods, reports and video images can be done at the project/customer location, or by means of remote working.

Diving inspections and underwater work in the Zeeland region, the Netherlands.

PRO-SEA B.V. owns professional equipment such as diving equipment, video and photo equipment, umbilicals, compressors, generators, welding and burning equipment, pressure washers and so on, to equip a 3-man diving team.

We regularly carry out assignments for shipping companies, engineering firms, water companies or other asset managers. This can be an inspection of a quay wall or ship, but also light construction work such as welding and cutting. On this page you will find examples of activities.