Dive Inspections

Civil Inspections

PRO-SEA is regularly called in for civil inspections both above and below the waterline. Think of quay walls, foundations, scaffolding, jetty’s, pumping stations, bridges, etc..

Activities and methods include: visual inspections, corrosion measurements, lock control, ultrasonic wall thickness measurements, skew control, resistance measurements, wood samples, etc. Inspections and reporting will be carried out according customer requirements,

By inspecting the above-water part of your quay wall, you will also quickly get a picture of where there could be underwater defects. Reporting of above- and underwater inspection fit seamlessly together.

PRO-SEA assists professional drone companies. In the digital twin model, we take care of the assessment of images and the preparation of the report. Drone inspections give you a quick picture of where there are defects. By properly analyzing the images, we can carry out further above and underwater inspections in a targeted manner. Reporting from above and underwater inspection fit seamlessly together.

Vessel Inspections

Entering the dry dock is not always possible, a dive inspection is a good alternative. All parts such as screws, rudders, bilge keels, anodes, sonar, echosounders, speedlog etc., etc. are checked. PRO-SEA provides a clear update of the situation below the waterline.

Findings we pay attention to are corrosion, marine growth, condition of anodes, leaks, damages such as bends, cracks, dents etc. etc. Everything summarized with photos, videos and clear reports.

CSWIP 3.4u inspections

PRO-SEA regularly provides CSWIP 3.4u services to companies that carry out offshore visual inspections with diver, ROV or drone. This can be done on site on board, but we also take care of the assessment of the images and the preparation of reports remotely.
Have PRO-SEA make an inspection template per monopile, jackets or tripod so that they are always inspected in the exact same way regardless of which company carries out the inspection.

Inspections of waterbassins and sprinklertanks

PRO-SEA inspects and reports sprinkler tanks and waterbassins according to T67-B. Sheet metal, zinc layer, liner, roof construction, heating elements, wall connections, piping, etc.  is thoroughly checked. Concrete and steel elements are visually inspected and reported according to CUR 117. In addition to inspections, we also provide flange seals and cleaning or repair work.