PRO-SEA provides various online services such as standardizing underwater inspections, assessing images in the digital twin environment, or drawing up reports of inspections made by diver or ROV.

Inspections under and around the waterline often release a mix of data such as video images, photos, measurement data, data about defects, etc. As a manager of an underwater asset such as a ship, a quay wall, a foundation, you want a clear picture of the condition. For example, in case of damage to make a repair plan. But it is also useful for future maintenance to have good practical information.

We provide the following online services for our clients:

standardizing underwater inspections
The inspection of underwater assets is often done by different service providers, each with their own format and methods. Let PRO-SEA draw up one format per asset that is used for each inspection, regardless of which service provider does the inspections, and regardless of where in the world the asset is located.

If required, we set these up in such a way that they fit well into the asset management system or digital inspection platform of clients. 

Drawing up reports
Based on video and photo images and other data provided by clients, we draw up reports of underwater welding projects, offshore visual inspections, ship or civil inspections, sprinkler tanks, etc.