Other services

Online Services

PRO-SEA provides various online services such as standardizing underwater inspections, assessing images in the digital twin environment, or drawing up reports of inspections made by diver or ROV.

Construction work

Underwater welding is increasingly used as a temporary or permanent repair technique in, for example, ship’s skin repair, welding of anodes, repair of sheet piling, welding of cracks, application of reinforcements, etc.

Underwater cutting equipment is used for the rapid cutting of e.g. sections of sheet piling, tubular piles, beams, hinges, stuck bolts and nuts, etc, etc.

In addition to inspecting civil structures, see page civil inspections, PRO-SEA also carries out steel repairs both above and below the waterline.

Detection and salvage

Lost objects, waste dumps and wrecks can be a problem for the environment, water transit, shipping etc. Sometimes it is known where these are located or this has yet to be determined.


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