Services and equipment

ZEEUW DIVING thinks along with your underwater challenge. Every underwater job requires a specific approach. Our teams consist of experienced job planners and divers who do their utmost to carry out the underwater work in a safe and proper way.

Our approach ensures that you have the right people and materials to carry out the work. Our services are:

  • Underwater inspections of ships, quay walls, foundations
  • Ship propeller polishings
  • Sealing of vessel intakes or overboards
  • Welding and cutting work
  • Working at barriers and locks
  • Concrete inspections and repairs
  • General diving work
  • Cleaning works with high pressure water jetting below and above water.


We operate the following tools and equipment:

Diving vans
ZEEUW operates diving vans suitable for the job. Diving helmets, umbilicals, communication systems, it’s all there at your service. Certified according to Dutch law!

Trailer with generator
Our 18 kW NANO-MAG Generator is the latest development in the field of generators, thanks to the permanent magnetic field, the generator ensures higher efficiency and lowers energy consumption! This new technique allows higher start-up current, an equivalent of a 40 KVA generator.

Video Systems
ZEEUW Divers always uses mounted video cameras on the dive helmet. The underwater images are followed and assessed by the dive supervisor and/or customer Representative above water. We use various video systems with recording possibilities. We send Video images digitally to our customers.

Computers with 4g Internet connection
Our diving vans contain mounted computers with internet connection. This mobile office is ideal for making reports, for example. Client view can be arranged on request, so clients can take a remote look at the job.

Photo equipment
Photos are made when sharp images are required. ZEEUW has photo equipment in-house for close-up shooting.

High-pressure water jetting equipment
Is used prior underwater inspections. Cleaning of grates, sheet piles, or other things where growth such as oysters, mussels or lime deposits are accumulated. Also for above water cleaning if needed. An effective tool we often use.

Low pressure water-jetting equipment
At locks, thresholds, intakes and exhausts etc. mud and sludge often accumulate. To remove this, we use low pressure/high volume equipment. To move larger amounts of sludge, we use drain pumps.

Drain pumps
For this, we work together with specialized companies that supply this material. It is important to get a good idea of the required material beforehand. We determine this, based on our inspections. Zeeuw helps clients getting the right material in the right place.

Air tools
ZEEUW provides tools which work on air. Drilling and chopping in concrete is a common application.

Hydraulic tools
Chopping, drilling, grinding in concrete or steel. At ZEEUW it’s all possible. Hydraulics are extremely suitable for underwater applications because of their constant power supply. Applications are (CORE) drilling in concrete, drilling or grinding in steel for example by preparation at welding jobs.

Welding equipment
Underwater welding requires good equipment.  Zeeuw uses this as well. Our welding material is suitable for applying high-quality welding. Preparation is important, for this we use hydraulic or air tools.

Broco cutting equipment
Ideal to cut underwater in steel. We supply a package consisting of oxygen, power supply, hoses, reducers and electrodes.

Ultrasonic wall thickness measurements
Zeeland underwater work uses the well-known brands Tritex and Cygnus. Underwater steel thickness measurements of e.g. sheet piles are regularly carried out by our divers.


General number: +31 113-402020
Mobile: +31 653869870