ZEEUW DIVING thinks along with your underwater challenge. Every underwater job requires a specific approach. Our teams consist of experienced job planners and divers who do their utmost to carry out the underwater work in a safe and proper way.

Our approach ensures that you have the right people and materials to carry out the work. Our services.

  • Underwater inspections of ships, quay walls, foundations
  • Ship propeller polishings
  • Sealing of vessel intakes or overboards
  • Welding and cutting work
  • Working at barriers and locks
  • Concrete inspections and repairs
  • General diving work

We have  fully equipped dive vans with the best video inspection systems. And equipment such as generators, hydraulic units, welding and fire equipment, polishing material.

We have developed a method to improve the quality of underwater inspections. This gives clients a better insight into what happens underwater and how their assets are represented.