Asset managers regularly have inspections carried out of offshore jackets, tripods, or monopiles with associated cables. These can be inspections according to a maintenance strategy, but also, for example, after a storm or collision. These are usually carried out with an ROV. An ROV, also known as an underwater drone, flies past all parts and checks them using a video camera and sonar. The video images are sent by means of a so-called thetter or umbilical to the control room of the ROV, which in most cases is located on a ship.

What is worth seeing?  The correct operation of anodes, for example. These protect the steel against corrosion, as does the coating on the various parts such as members, legs, boat landings, J-tubes, etc. Often a so-called CP survey is also carried out at the same time: performing potential measurements, more about this soon.The amount and type of marine vegetation is interesting for biologists and researchers, who want to know what, and to what extent, grows on the different parts and in which locations of wind farms. Engineers like to keep an eye on the so-called drag, which is reinforced by Marine growth.
Checking for any fatigue or impact damage symptoms such as cracks, dents or bending of parts is also important.

The cables that transport the power from the wind turbines to the substation are also carefully examined for abrasion effects. The export cables from the substation to the shore are often crossed by other cables or pipelines. These crossings are also closely examined for stability and possible damage caused by, for example, fishing nets.

Furthermore, it is important that the collected data such as measurement data, video and photo images are collected and presented in a consistent manner. Asset managers can then extract valuable information from this for their maintenance strategy.

What can PRO-SEA do for you?
We are not an ROV contractor, but provide services as a CSWIP 3.4u controller or Client Representative.
Drawing up the necessary inspection documents, the execution and/or inspection on location, and the preparation of final reports. We can carry out this work at the customer’s location or remotely using a sharepoint from MS office.

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